We proudly announce
The online Conference „Corporate Governance 2021:
How To Strengthen Confidence In The Economy”

organized by the Polish Agency for Audit Oversight

19.10.2021 10.00 CET


  1. 10:00

    Welcome and Introduction

    Marcin Obroniecki President of Polish Agency of Audit Oversight (PANA)

  2. 10:15

    Mathilde Mesnard - speech/presentation

    Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairshe OECD

  3. 10:40

    Panel #1 "Problems of corporate governance in Poland"

    Corporate governance - one issue - many definitions.
    Successes, failures, doubts - how to effectively make corporate governance in Poland?
    What benefits are related to corporate governance? What areas, in particular, require corporate governance?

    • Cezary Kaźmierczak- President, Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers
    • prof. dr hab. Izabela Koładkiewicz - Kozminski University
    • Wojciech Dudziński – President of Fraud Control sp. z o.o.
    • Wiesław Rozłucki - co-founder and first President of the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange S.A.
    • Rafał Mikusiński, Deputy Chairman, Polish Financial Supervision Authority
    • Agnieszka Gontarek, Director, Issuers Department, Warsaw Stock Exchange S.A.
    • dr Filip Ostrowski, Director, Corporate Supervision Office, Ministry of State Assets
    • Marcin Obroniecki – President of PANA
    • Moderator: Piotr Arak, Polish Economic Institute

  4. 12:00

    Panel #2 "The role of ESG factors in strengthening corporate governance"

    The multifaceted importance of ESG for the economy.
    The increasing importance of non-financial reporting - expediency or necessity in the face of future challenges?
    ESG - increasing credibility and transparency in companies, turnover of capital, and economy.

    • Piotr Biernacki, Vice President of the Management Board, The Polish Association of Listed Companies
    • Piotr Rybicki, auditor
    • prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Jajuga, President, CFA Society Poland / Wrocław University of Economics
    • Ewa Sowińska, auditor
    • dr hab. Michał Kruszka, Director, Department of Analyzes and Strategy, Office of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority
    • dr Bogusław Bławat, PANA
    • dr. Marcin Pęksyk, PANA
    • dr Tomasz Wiśniewski, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, GPW Benchmark
    • Moderator: Katarzyna Dębkowska, Polish Economic Institute

  5. 13:30

    Panel #3 ENG „The Role of Auditors in Corporate Governance”

    The auditors’ role in fraud detection and prevention as „Early Warning System”.
    The auditors’ responsibility as a key factor for the company and its shareholders.

    • Richard Brooks, economic journalist
    • Francine McKenna, economic journalist
    • Jarosław Dominiak, President of the Management Board, Association of Individual Investors
    • Katarzyna Szwarc, Plenipotentiary of the Minister of Finance for Capital Market Development Strategy
    • prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Jajuga, President, CFA Society Poland / Wrocław University of Economics
    • Marie-Estelle Rey, Senior Policy Analyst, Corporate Governance and Corporate Finance Division, OECD
    • Jarosław Dac, Member of the Polish Chamber of Statutory Auditors
    • dr Małgorzata Kutera, PANA
    • Moderator: Martyna Maciuch, 300Gospodarka

  6. 15:00

    Panel #4 "Best practices in corporate governance"

    Corporate governance - increasing trust in listed companies
    "Advise" or "sit on the board": best practices versus the structure and competencies of supervisory board members.
    The role of audit committees in corporate governance.

    • Barbara Misterska-Dragan, President of the Polish Chamber of Statutory Auditors
    • Przemysław Głębocki, President, Polish Association of Capital Investors
    • dr Jacek Welc, Association of Individual Investors, Wrocław University of Economics
    • Agnieszka Gontarek, Director, Warsaw Stock Exchange S.A.
    • prof. dr hab. Joanna Wielgórska-Leszczyńska, Warsaw School of Economics
    • Artur Gostomski, Director, Department of Key Entities, Ministry of Finance
    • David James, Auditor
    • dr Raimondo Eggink, an independent member of supervisory boards, investment advisor
    • dr Agnieszka Baklarz, Director, Control Department, PANA
    • prof. dr hab. Maria Aluchna, head of the Department of Management Theory, Warsaw School of Economics.
    • Moderator: Martyna Maciuch, 300Gospodarka

  7. 16:30

    Closing and Summary – Marcin Obroniecki

    Marcin Obroniecki President of Polish Agency of Audit Oversight (PANA)

The conference partner is the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD.

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